Doctoral thesis

2020(S)MIURA, FuminariStatistical inference with behavioral and microbial datasets for spread of infectious diseases via hidden cases
2018(S)YOSHIDA, YukiRevisiting local human-nature relationships to enhance inclusive wellbeing
2016(W)Kanjana WajussakornIntegrated Assessment of Co-benefits from Methane Recovering-based CDM Projects: Case Studies in Thailand
2016(W)Nguyen Lan HuangLow-Carbon Watershed Management :Integration of Renewable Energy Supply and Decentralised Wastwater Treatment A Case Study in Vietnam
2014(S)Xiochen ChenDevelopment of Natural Treatment System for the Reclamation and Reuse of Strong Wastewater from Rural Community

Master thesis

2023(S)WATANABE, IsseiExamination of Climate Change Impacts on Regional Tourism and Adaptation Measures -For Local Governments with Ski Resorts in Japan-
2022(W)Vajira Lasantha
Spatial optimization of a portfolio of centralised and decentralised technologies for strategic planning of sustainable sanitation
2022(S)SAKUMA, NatsumiImpact assessment of information provision and consumer characteristics for sustainable protein food selection
2022(S)UMENO, RyoyaEvaluation of information provision methods from local governments to promote citizens' pro-environmental behavior
2022(S)MORISHIMA, TakahiroPreference evaluation for the use of allotment gardens in urban vacant lots - Considering comparison with other land uses and cooperation with food aid organizations -
2022(S)DIMAANO, Leonid ZairionAssessing Motivations to Urban Farming for Attaining Food Justice in Low-Income Communities in Metro Manila
2021(W)Yinglei WUEvaluation of Influential Factors on Food Waste Prevention Behaviors in Different Situations
2021(S)HAYASHI, TakakiDeterminants of the implementation status of measures for promoting disaster countermeasures in small and medium-sized companies
2021(S)TSUJI, KatsuyaEnvironmental loads from car sharing considering variable uncertainty in cities with different car dependencies
2021(S)YAMAMOTO, TomohiroInfluence of possible flood damage on future relocation intentions and choice of place of residence
2020(W)Tri ATMAJAA Valuation Estimation of Urban Farming in Improving Cities Resilience Case Study: Malang City, East Java Province ? Indonesia
2020(S)SUMI, ErisaStudy on heat utilization by renewable energy in remote island area -Possibility of using solar heat in Sado City-
2019(S)MATSUMOTO, TakanoriDevelopment of sustainability indexes using UNWTO indicators for tourist destinations in Japan
2019(S)SAKATA, AkiraEnergy-independent social scenarios in rural areas in Japan
2018(W)Ranie Dwi AnugrahTSUNAMI Impact Assesment for Coastal City by Geospatial Approach - Case Study in Cilacap, Indonesia
2018(S)SHIMADA, KaoriDevelopment and application of an evaluation method of sleep inhibition due to urban warming in developing countries
2017(W)Aldossary Maiber NasserImproving Sustainability of Industrial Cities in Saudi Arabia by Using Domestic Wastewater as an Alternative Source
2017(S)MIURA, FuminariDevelopment of infectious disease epidemic detection system using microbial data in public space
2017(S)IMAMURA, MomokoConstruction of a relational model between health risk and living environment and its applicability in two Asian cities
2017(S)YAMAOKA, KenjiEconomical possibility of renewable energy introduction considering cooperation with local industries
2015(S)Zeng ChenghuiApplication of UV LEDs for Turbid Wastewater Disinfection
2015(S)NISHIMAE, SyuntaroConstruction of questionnaire system for electric device and application the risk assessment of waterborne diseases