Research activities are conducted in Hongo campus.


We welcome people from various fields.

Research targets

Every place where people live can be the subject of research.
Please feel free to contact us if you have a desired research theme.

Welcome to our Lab!

Those who wish to enroll in the master's and doctoral courses in urban engineering, please see the entrance guide for the Department of Urban Engineering and the entrance guide for School of Engineering.

If you are interested in a doctoral course, to check if it is acceptable,
Please be sure to contact your desired supervisor before applying.

Each student conducts an individual research theme.
By listening to the wishes of students, we will narrow down the topic.
Regular individual meetings are held about once every two weeks.


Research activities are held mainly at Eng. Bldg. 14 and at Administration Bureau Bldg. 2 in Hongo Campus.


FUKUSHI, Kensuke(Prof.)fukushi[at]
KURISU, Kiyo(Assoc. Prof.)kiyo[at]